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Understanding Lowe’s Return Policy: Your Guide to Easy Returns

    Every business owner knows that some of their products get returned no matter what. Lowe’s is no exception.

    The company has a lenient return policy. You can return most new and unused items within 90 days from the date for a refund or swap.

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    This article will help you comprehend Lowe’s return policy, including exceptional cases, details about outlet stores, and managing order problems.

    Standard Return Policy

    Lowe’s focuses on a customer-friendly return system. Most unused, new products can be returned within 90 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange with a valid one. This duration aids in making thoughtful choices and permits the return of any unsatisfactory items.

    Moreover, specialized accounts such as Lowe’s Commercial Accounts and MyLowe’s Rewards Credit Cards get an extended return period of up to 365 days for added convenience.

    Exceptions to the Standard Policy

    While the basic policy grants a broad time frame, certain exceptions need attention:

    48-Hour Return Window 

    For particular high-cost products like major appliances (for example, refrigerators, washers), utility vehicles, paint sprayers, and select outdoor power equipment, a tighter 48-hour return time frame is applicable.

    Make sure that the return procedure begins within 48 hours of delivery or pick up from a Lowe’s store to qualify for a refund or exchange.

    30-Day Return Window 

    Some categories mandate timely returns within 30 days from purchase, like TVs and electronics (excluding certain CRAFTSMAN and BLACK+DECKER items), water heaters, air conditioners, liquid paint, holiday items, and specific outdoor power equipment.

    Keep in mind these items should be unused and brought back in original packaging to be eligible for return.

    Non Returnable Items

    Several products cannot be accepted as returns by Lowe’s under any situation. These nonreturnable items cover labor costs and installation charges, delivery fees (unless Lowe’s is at fault), gift cards inclusive of Lowe’s gift cards , other party gift cards , Visa® or MasterCard® gift cards, masks, trailers, and hazardous materials.

    Special Order Configured Products

    If you decide to return a special order configured product, be mindful of the potential restocking fee. These products incur a 20% restocking fee if returned or cancelled after 72 hours of purchase. It’s crucial to carefully consider your purchase before finalising special order configured products to avoid this fee.


    Lowe’s knows how to care for plants properly. They give you a one-year return policy for trees, shrubs, and perennials bought from Lowe’s with a receipt. This extra time lets you check the plant’s health and enables you to return it if it doesn’t grow well. Other plant buys are subject to the regular 90-day return rule.

    Dealing with Order Issues

    Sometimes, orders might arrive damaged, incomplete, or with missing parts. In such cases, it’s essential to act promptly. Contact Lowe’s customer care at 1-800-445-6937 within three days of receiving the order to report the issue. This allows Lowe’s to investigate the matter and initiate a swift resolution.


    By familiarizing yourself with Lowe’s return policy, you can navigate returns smoothly and efficiently. Here are some key takeaways:

    • Maintain a valid proof of purchase for all transactions.
    • Understand the different return windows based on the item category.
    • Initiate returns within the designated time frame.
    • Be aware of nonreturnable items and potential restocking fees.
    • Contact Lowe’s customer care promptly for order issues.

    With this knowledge at hand, you can approach your next Lowe’s purchase with confidence, knowing you have a clear path to return unused items if needed. This empowers you to make informed decisions and tackle your home improvement projects with greater peace of mind.

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